STR Capital Review –– For Those Who Want to Trade With No Worries

Trading in the financial market could be likened to surfing in the wild sea. Do it right, it would be a fun ride, but do it wrong, it could be disastrous! No matter how professional a surfer could be, there are some essential tools and skills required for successful and safe surfing. These skills and tools are necessary for both amateur and professional surfers.

A vital tool in surfing is the surfboard. It is so essential that if there is no surfboard, then there is no surfing. Similarly, a vital tool for online traders is a broker. Just like a surfboard needs to be in good condition and reliable to achieve a smooth ride, a broker needs to be reliable to avoid disaster.

This disaster can include loss of hard-earned money. Traders often find it challenging to see a reliable broker, but some online brokers have put in extra effort to make trading smooth for their customers.

One of these noteworthy brokers is STR Capital. This review is going to highlight the distinctive features of this broker and then you can decide if you want to trade on the platform. First,  let us see what the broker is all about.

STR Capital

STR Capital is an online trading platform; it is a strong advocate of transparency, and so clients can rest assured that their funds are in the safest hands. The broker was created with the goal of creating a comfortable atmosphere for traders trading on their platform.

 And because they rely on their customers’ success as a fundamental measure of their success, they strive to provide features like an expanding asset selection, 5-star support, and personal assistance.

What CFDs Can I Trade On This Broker?

On STR Capital, the following CFDs can be traded:

  • Commodity CFDs: Commodity trading is an age-long practice. It was so important that success in this form of trade was used to measure the strength of an empire. Commodities that were traded in the past ranged from seashells to spices.

But today commodities like precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and copper ), energy (crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, and natural gas), Livestock and meat (feeder cattle, pork bellies, live cattle, and lean hogs), agricultural (cotton, coffee, soybeans, corn, wheat, sugar, cocoa, and rice) are traded.

  • Currency CFDs

Being one of the most liquid markets in the world, currency trading appears to be the most popular financial market with trillions of dollars exchanged daily. On STR Capital, you can invest in CFDs for the most traded currency pairs.

  • Stocks or equities: This refers to shares owned by a publicly-traded company. These shares can be sold on stock exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ and benefits are received in the form of a rise in share price or in the form of dividends. The asset class of equities includes small-cap stocks, mid-cap stocks, and large-cap stocks.
  • Index CFDs: Index refers to the collection of stocks from companies in different economies and used to determine the market situation. It can also be used for welfare or poverty analysis.

What Type of Accounts Are Offered On STR Capital?

Similar to most brokers, STR Capital offers a variety of trading accounts to suit each trader’s needs in terms of potential benefits and risks. These accounts depend on an individual trader’s trading experience. The trading account includes:

  • The Basic Account: This can also be termed as a beginner’s account since it is meant for traders who are new into trading. On this account, you can trade with a minimum of 500 Euros and a maximum of 9,999 Euros, and the account can be managed for just two weeks. It has a  loyalty bonus and insurance level of up to 10%.  

On this account, traders are notified with alerts, they get a signal once every day and the market is reviewed every day. There are also a couple of features present in other accounts that the basic account doesn’t have. For instance, the basic account does not have an advanced chart and doesn’t receive exclusive updates.  

The basic account also doesn’t have a savings account, proper money management, and no group of analysts like other higher accounts.

  • The Silver Account: This account allows funds from 10,000 Euros to 99,999 Euros. Unlike the basic account, the silver account has an advanced chart; receives trading alerts, has a loyalty bonus, and insurance level of up to 20%.

Traders with the silver account receive a signal every day and the market is reviewed every day. Just like the basic account, the silver account does not receive exclusive updates, does not have a group of analysts and money cannot be managed on the account.

  • The Gold Account: This is a higher account that allows funds of 100,000 Euros to 249,000 Euros. Traders on this account are offered a loyalty bonus and insurance level of up to 30%. This account can be managed for as long as the trader wants, there is no specific time to close the account. 

You will receive trading alerts and discounts on this account twice each day. This account also has a group of analysts, advanced charts, savings account, receives the daily market review, and exclusive update.

  • The Platinum Account: The platinum account accepts funds of a minimum of 250,000 Euros to a maximum of 499,999 Euros. This account has more to offer in comparison with the basic, silver, and gold account. For instance, traders on this account gain up to 60% of loyalty bonuses and insurance levels.

The account doesn’t have a limited time of ownership, the durability of the account depends on the owner. There are a number of things that this account also offers, like, advanced charts, exclusive updates, daily market review, trading alerts, savings account, money management, and a group of analysts. This account also receives a signal of up to 3 times daily.

  • The Diamond Account: This account allows not less than  500,000 Euros and not more than 1,000,000 Euros. Advanced charts, trading alerts, and exclusive updates are provided. Traders using this account receive loyalty bonuses and insurance levels of up to 80%.

The durability of the account is unlimited (i.e no specific time to close the account) the same as the number of signals received. The account feature also includes a savings account, daily market review, money management, and a group of analysts.

  • The Millionaire Club: This is the biggest account of this broker. This account is meant for experienced traders since a very huge amount of money is involved to trade with this account. The least amount allowed on this account is 1,000,000 Euros.

The millionaire club has better features than other accounts; for example,100%  loyalty bonus and insurance level are offered.  Advanced charts, exclusive updates, trading alerts, and savings accounts are also provided. 

Like the platinum account and the diamond account, the millionaire account does not have an expiry date. There is no limit to the signals sent on this account. The account also receives a daily market review and a group of analysts.  

Account Opening Requirements

A number of information and documents are required before one can open a trading account on STR Capital.

  • Bank Statement: This is to ensure that the account information, name and address a client provided is in sync with the account information with the bank, especially for cases of wire transfer.
  • Clear pictures or scanned copies of the client’s credit or debit card: it is a familiar knowledge that criminals can steal a person’s credit card information ( like the card number, its expiry date, and even its CVV number). They can use such information to sign in to online services.

To avoid this kind of problem, clients are required to upload a clear picture or scanned copies of their credit or debit cards with all the information visible. This process is done to ensure that the person providing the information is the original owner of the card.

  • Clear pictures or scanned copies of the client’s utility bill: It is normal for friends, relatives, or our social media friend to have our address. Someone else can use that address to sign up online.

Clients are required to provide a picture of their utility bill. This process is done to verify that the physical address provided is correct.

  • Any ID Information: Clients are required to submit the information contained in either their driver’s license, passport, or any locally acceptable form of identification when filling the web forms to sign up to STR Capital. Pictures of any of the documents should be included too. 

These precautions are taken to avoid any fraudulent activity taking place while ensuring that the client is protected.

KYC Policy And AML Policy

KYC Policy stands for Know Your Customer policy while AML Policy stands for Anti-Money Laundering policy. These two policies are put in place to allow the company or any of its affiliates not to permit any activity that facilitates the use of money for criminal or illegal purposes in their knowledge.  Under STR Capital any funding that assists terrorist organizations, terrorist activities or criminal actions, etc is considered illegal.

Money laundering is when a person, company, or entity’s source of money is illegal but still tries to present it as lawful money to avoid legal actions. The stages involved in money laundering are; the production stage, the placement stage, the layering stage, and the integration stage.

STR Capital puts their customer’s safety as a priority and so obligates every STR Capital employees, partners and affiliates to adhere to the Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer policies, This measure is taken to ensure that customers trade in a safe environment. 

In addition, STR Capital has provided educational training programs to train its employees, partners, and affiliates on Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customers policies. These policies are provided under FATF’s Money Laundering Recommendations, Basel Committee of Banking Supervision’s account opening guidelines from the year 2003, and Customer Due Diligence for Banks.

Privacy Policy

To ensure a trading system free of money laundering and identity fraud, clients are obligated to comply with the privacy policy laid out by STR Capital while providing information on the website.

They can do so by providing all requested information at the time of signup, ensuring that all information provided is error-free, and providing up to date information. If there are changes in information like address or banking information, STR Capital must be notified immediately through a phone call.

Sometimes STR Capital might use a client’s information for advertisement on the website.  Clients have the right to opt-out of the advertisement placement at the signing-up stage or notify the company, the later part would take ten business days to make the needed changes. 

Deposit Procedure:

To make a deposit on STR Capital client must follow these steps:

  • Locate the “Deposit” option on the account dashboard.
  • Sign in to the account.
  • Choose the “deposit” option from the banking section.
  • Choose the method of deposit ( This could either be bank wire transfers, credit cards, or debit cards).
  • Fill in the details for the particular method of deposit(Ensure that the information provided is correct).

The speed of a successful deposit operation depends on the method of deposit. The Credit card or debit card method can be done within seconds or minutes making it the fastest method. The bank wire transfer method can take up to 45 working days but it is the safest method. 

Withdrawal Policy

Before a client can withdraw funds, he or she must have traded with the deposited funds for at least 7 working days and made profits equal to the deposited funds. Failure to have done so will attract a withdrawal fine of $250.

After that, the client would choose the right method of withdrawal ( this method must be the same as the method of deposit) and provide the required information.

Frequently Asked Questions About STR Capital

  • Will I be charged extra money for either deposit or withdrawal?

You will be charged a withdrawal fee of $250 if you haven’t traded with the account for at least 7 working days or haven’t made profits equal to the deposited funds.

  • How can I contact STR Capital?

If you have any questions about your account or the platform or you encountered an unexplained error? Contact the Customer Service department via phone on +44 2039661919 or email at


In summary, STR Capital is a reliable broker that will help you surf the turbulent sea of the financial market safely. It offers different CFDs like commodities, stocks & equities, currencies, and indices.

On this broker, you can open either a basic account, a silver account, a gold account, a platinum account, a diamond account, or a millionaire account. A trader can open any of the accounts depending on his level of experience and amount of funds to be deposited.

The AML and KYC policy of this platform ensures that customers trade in an environment free of money laundering and identity crime. Traders trading on this platform can rest assured that their funds are in reliable hands.

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