LINK Support Arrives at Accountless Cryptocurrency Exchange

Sometimes, it seems like there isn’t anything blockchains can’t do. While that may not be 100% true, Chainlink (LINK) is a cryptocurrency project trying its best to make that happen.

Chainlink is an oracle — if you’re thinking of the oracle from The Matrix, then you’re not quite on the right track. While Chainlink can’t predict the future (yet), it can communicate off-chain data back to blockchain smart contracts.

At accountless cryptocurrency exchange, you can now buy and sell LINK token, Chainlink’s native cryptocurrency asset. Best of all, doesn’t require you to sign up for an account to trade LINK, making it an instance crypto exchange that is easy to use.

LINK has been grabbing all-time high prices all year long in a seemingly unstoppable bull run. Ready to grab some for yourself? Head over to and complete three easy steps to get LINK locked and loaded in your wallet.

  1. Select the cryptocurrency you will use to exchange, then enter your LINK wallet destination address and the amount to be exchanged.
  2. Enter a refund address for the cryptocurrency wallet you are exchanging from (ie. if trading with BTC, enter an BTC wallet address).
  1. Send cryptocurrency to the transfer wallet address.

That’s it! will automatically deposit LINK to your specified destination wallet.

Going back to Chainlink, oracles, and off-chain data — let’s unpack those concepts, shall we?

Chainlink Builds Bridges Between Blockchains and Real World Data

Blockchains are meant to change the world, but how can they do that if they can’t talk to the world in the first place?

This question gets to one of blockchain’s core dilemmas. In themselves, blockchains are generally unable to “speak” with anything outside of the network.

Imagine that you want to create a blockchain-based gambling application that allows for bets to be placed on real-world events, such as government election results.

Without having a bridge between real-world event data and the blockchain smart contracts running the application, there is simply no way for the app to automatically determine the result and issue winnings while collecting losses.

Chainlink changes all of that. Between smart contracts and real world data is where Chainlink software inserts itself, enabling communication between the two in a bi-directional manner.

What’s so revolutionary about Chainlink blockchain oracle software? Well, now blockchain smart contracts running apps can pull data from anywhere, anytime, and use it to in-app while also passing blockchain data to non-blockchain systems.

Chainlink (LINK) Token Explained

In a nutshell, anytime a Chainlink network operation takes place, it first requires a request contract and a fulfillment of that request by a node operator.

Like any transaction, a medium of exchange — better known as currency — is required for request contract parties to pay node operators for Chainlink network services.

As you may have guessed, LINK is the currency used in these scenarios.

Additionally, LINK is also used as a staking currency by network validators tasked with keeping the network honest.

About is the professional tool for instant crypto trading. There is no registration necessary and no hidden analytics tracking you. Moreover, does not control users’ funds, so your private keys are not at risk of being held on third-party services. currently supports over 30 cryptocurrencies and is continuing to add more: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Augur, Litecoin, Syscoin, Pivx, Blackcoin, Dash, Decred, Dogecoin, Token, Gamecredits, Peercoin, Aidcoin, 0x, Vertcoin, Basic Attention Token, BLOCKv, Groestlcoin, DAI, Power Ledger, Enjincoin, TrueUSD, Cardano, Storj, Monero, Maker, TetherUS, DigiByte, USD Coin, MANA, Enigma, Aragon, and now Chainlink.



STR Capital Review –– For Those Who Want to Trade With No Worries

Trading in the financial market could be likened to surfing in the wild sea. Do it right, it would be a fun ride, but do it wrong, it could be disastrous! No matter how professional a surfer could be, there are some essential tools and skills required for successful and safe surfing. These skills and tools are necessary for both amateur and professional surfers.

A vital tool in surfing is the surfboard. It is so essential that if there is no surfboard, then there is no surfing. Similarly, a vital tool for online traders is a broker. Just like a surfboard needs to be in good condition and reliable to achieve a smooth ride, a broker needs to be reliable to avoid disaster.

This disaster can include loss of hard-earned money. Traders often find it challenging to see a reliable broker, but some online brokers have put in extra effort to make trading smooth for their customers.

One of these noteworthy brokers is STR Capital. This review is going to highlight the distinctive features of this broker and then you can decide if you want to trade on the platform. First,  let us see what the broker is all about.

STR Capital

STR Capital is an online trading platform; it is a strong advocate of transparency, and so clients can rest assured that their funds are in the safest hands. The broker was created with the goal of creating a comfortable atmosphere for traders trading on their platform.

 And because they rely on their customers’ success as a fundamental measure of their success, they strive to provide features like an expanding asset selection, 5-star support, and personal assistance.

What CFDs Can I Trade On This Broker?

On STR Capital, the following CFDs can be traded:

  • Commodity CFDs: Commodity trading is an age-long practice. It was so important that success in this form of trade was used to measure the strength of an empire. Commodities that were traded in the past ranged from seashells to spices.

But today commodities like precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and copper ), energy (crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, and natural gas), Livestock and meat (feeder cattle, pork bellies, live cattle, and lean hogs), agricultural (cotton, coffee, soybeans, corn, wheat, sugar, cocoa, and rice) are traded.

  • Currency CFDs

Being one of the most liquid markets in the world, currency trading appears to be the most popular financial market with trillions of dollars exchanged daily. On STR Capital, you can invest in CFDs for the most traded currency pairs.

  • Stocks or equities: This refers to shares owned by a publicly-traded company. These shares can be sold on stock exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ and benefits are received in the form of a rise in share price or in the form of dividends. The asset class of equities includes small-cap stocks, mid-cap stocks, and large-cap stocks.
  • Index CFDs: Index refers to the collection of stocks from companies in different economies and used to determine the market situation. It can also be used for welfare or poverty analysis.

What Type of Accounts Are Offered On STR Capital?

Similar to most brokers, STR Capital offers a variety of trading accounts to suit each trader’s needs in terms of potential benefits and risks. These accounts depend on an individual trader’s trading experience. The trading account includes:

  • The Basic Account: This can also be termed as a beginner’s account since it is meant for traders who are new into trading. On this account, you can trade with a minimum of 500 Euros and a maximum of 9,999 Euros, and the account can be managed for just two weeks. It has a  loyalty bonus and insurance level of up to 10%.  

On this account, traders are notified with alerts, they get a signal once every day and the market is reviewed every day. There are also a couple of features present in other accounts that the basic account doesn’t have. For instance, the basic account does not have an advanced chart and doesn’t receive exclusive updates.  

The basic account also doesn’t have a savings account, proper money management, and no group of analysts like other higher accounts.

  • The Silver Account: This account allows funds from 10,000 Euros to 99,999 Euros. Unlike the basic account, the silver account has an advanced chart; receives trading alerts, has a loyalty bonus, and insurance level of up to 20%.

Traders with the silver account receive a signal every day and the market is reviewed every day. Just like the basic account, the silver account does not receive exclusive updates, does not have a group of analysts and money cannot be managed on the account.

  • The Gold Account: This is a higher account that allows funds of 100,000 Euros to 249,000 Euros. Traders on this account are offered a loyalty bonus and insurance level of up to 30%. This account can be managed for as long as the trader wants, there is no specific time to close the account. 

You will receive trading alerts and discounts on this account twice each day. This account also has a group of analysts, advanced charts, savings account, receives the daily market review, and exclusive update.

  • The Platinum Account: The platinum account accepts funds of a minimum of 250,000 Euros to a maximum of 499,999 Euros. This account has more to offer in comparison with the basic, silver, and gold account. For instance, traders on this account gain up to 60% of loyalty bonuses and insurance levels.

The account doesn’t have a limited time of ownership, the durability of the account depends on the owner. There are a number of things that this account also offers, like, advanced charts, exclusive updates, daily market review, trading alerts, savings account, money management, and a group of analysts. This account also receives a signal of up to 3 times daily.

  • The Diamond Account: This account allows not less than  500,000 Euros and not more than 1,000,000 Euros. Advanced charts, trading alerts, and exclusive updates are provided. Traders using this account receive loyalty bonuses and insurance levels of up to 80%.

The durability of the account is unlimited (i.e no specific time to close the account) the same as the number of signals received. The account feature also includes a savings account, daily market review, money management, and a group of analysts.

  • The Millionaire Club: This is the biggest account of this broker. This account is meant for experienced traders since a very huge amount of money is involved to trade with this account. The least amount allowed on this account is 1,000,000 Euros.

The millionaire club has better features than other accounts; for example,100%  loyalty bonus and insurance level are offered.  Advanced charts, exclusive updates, trading alerts, and savings accounts are also provided. 

Like the platinum account and the diamond account, the millionaire account does not have an expiry date. There is no limit to the signals sent on this account. The account also receives a daily market review and a group of analysts.  

Account Opening Requirements

A number of information and documents are required before one can open a trading account on STR Capital.

  • Bank Statement: This is to ensure that the account information, name and address a client provided is in sync with the account information with the bank, especially for cases of wire transfer.
  • Clear pictures or scanned copies of the client’s credit or debit card: it is a familiar knowledge that criminals can steal a person’s credit card information ( like the card number, its expiry date, and even its CVV number). They can use such information to sign in to online services.

To avoid this kind of problem, clients are required to upload a clear picture or scanned copies of their credit or debit cards with all the information visible. This process is done to ensure that the person providing the information is the original owner of the card.

  • Clear pictures or scanned copies of the client’s utility bill: It is normal for friends, relatives, or our social media friend to have our address. Someone else can use that address to sign up online.

Clients are required to provide a picture of their utility bill. This process is done to verify that the physical address provided is correct.

  • Any ID Information: Clients are required to submit the information contained in either their driver’s license, passport, or any locally acceptable form of identification when filling the web forms to sign up to STR Capital. Pictures of any of the documents should be included too. 

These precautions are taken to avoid any fraudulent activity taking place while ensuring that the client is protected.

KYC Policy And AML Policy

KYC Policy stands for Know Your Customer policy while AML Policy stands for Anti-Money Laundering policy. These two policies are put in place to allow the company or any of its affiliates not to permit any activity that facilitates the use of money for criminal or illegal purposes in their knowledge.  Under STR Capital any funding that assists terrorist organizations, terrorist activities or criminal actions, etc is considered illegal.

Money laundering is when a person, company, or entity’s source of money is illegal but still tries to present it as lawful money to avoid legal actions. The stages involved in money laundering are; the production stage, the placement stage, the layering stage, and the integration stage.

STR Capital puts their customer’s safety as a priority and so obligates every STR Capital employees, partners and affiliates to adhere to the Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer policies, This measure is taken to ensure that customers trade in a safe environment. 

In addition, STR Capital has provided educational training programs to train its employees, partners, and affiliates on Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customers policies. These policies are provided under FATF’s Money Laundering Recommendations, Basel Committee of Banking Supervision’s account opening guidelines from the year 2003, and Customer Due Diligence for Banks.

Privacy Policy

To ensure a trading system free of money laundering and identity fraud, clients are obligated to comply with the privacy policy laid out by STR Capital while providing information on the website.

They can do so by providing all requested information at the time of signup, ensuring that all information provided is error-free, and providing up to date information. If there are changes in information like address or banking information, STR Capital must be notified immediately through a phone call.

Sometimes STR Capital might use a client’s information for advertisement on the website.  Clients have the right to opt-out of the advertisement placement at the signing-up stage or notify the company, the later part would take ten business days to make the needed changes. 

Deposit Procedure:

To make a deposit on STR Capital client must follow these steps:

  • Locate the “Deposit” option on the account dashboard.
  • Sign in to the account.
  • Choose the “deposit” option from the banking section.
  • Choose the method of deposit ( This could either be bank wire transfers, credit cards, or debit cards).
  • Fill in the details for the particular method of deposit(Ensure that the information provided is correct).

The speed of a successful deposit operation depends on the method of deposit. The Credit card or debit card method can be done within seconds or minutes making it the fastest method. The bank wire transfer method can take up to 45 working days but it is the safest method. 

Withdrawal Policy

Before a client can withdraw funds, he or she must have traded with the deposited funds for at least 7 working days and made profits equal to the deposited funds. Failure to have done so will attract a withdrawal fine of $250.

After that, the client would choose the right method of withdrawal ( this method must be the same as the method of deposit) and provide the required information.

Frequently Asked Questions About STR Capital

  • Will I be charged extra money for either deposit or withdrawal?

You will be charged a withdrawal fee of $250 if you haven’t traded with the account for at least 7 working days or haven’t made profits equal to the deposited funds.

  • How can I contact STR Capital?

If you have any questions about your account or the platform or you encountered an unexplained error? Contact the Customer Service department via phone on +44 2039661919 or email at


In summary, STR Capital is a reliable broker that will help you surf the turbulent sea of the financial market safely. It offers different CFDs like commodities, stocks & equities, currencies, and indices.

On this broker, you can open either a basic account, a silver account, a gold account, a platinum account, a diamond account, or a millionaire account. A trader can open any of the accounts depending on his level of experience and amount of funds to be deposited.

The AML and KYC policy of this platform ensures that customers trade in an environment free of money laundering and identity crime. Traders trading on this platform can rest assured that their funds are in reliable hands. Crypto-to-Crypto Accountless Exchange Launches Android App

Bitcoin Press Release: has announced a new app for Android users providing easy access to the world’s pioneering accountless cryptocurrency exchange with support for over 30 cryptocurrencies.

April 8, 2020. Accountless cryptocurrency exchange is launching an all-new cryptocurrency exchange platform for Android users that doesn’t require an account to exchange your crypto. With the help of this platform, crypto users and traders can easily “flyp” cryptocurrencies in a borderless way securely. The exchange offers a unique experience that will help the crypto industry grow and increase its accountless capacity

Key Features of the Platform

The platform is a unique option available in the crypto world as it doesn’t require users to make an account before exchanging/trading cryptocurrencies. The service has been available for crypto users since 2017 and has now been made available on Android phones. Due to this approach, many useful key features of cryptocurrencies are preserved and the control is handed back to the user. allows users complete control over their private keys. This is an extremely important functionality extended to the user. The private keys allow the users complete control over their cryptocurrency holdings and diminishes the power of the exchange in the spirit of the decentralization philosophy.

Conventional cryptocurrency exchanges are popular right now but they are also receiving criticism for their continuing demise of the rights and functionalities of cryptocurrencies. By giving users control of their private keys, helps protect users’ rights while providing the functionality needed.

Key features of the new accountless crypto exchange include:

  • Support for over 30 cryptocurrencies.
  • 24-hour availability for users around the world.
  • Fast transactions and the ability to flip between different popular cryptocurrencies supported in the platform.
  • Private operations as the exchange doesn’t require an account to start trading.
  • Safe operations as the operations are end-to-end supported by state-of-the-art security protocols and measures.
  • Open API integration for other websites and crypto services platforms. This allows other platforms to have a useful symbiotic relationship with the exchange. allows businesses and users to accept or send cryptocurrency with ease, anytime, anywhere.

Head to Google Play) to download the app.

HolyTransaction, the first multicurrency web wallet since 2014. There is no registration necessary and no hidden analytics tracking you. Moreover, does not control users’ funds, so your private keys are not at risk of being held on third-party services. It is created for the good of the community especially HODLers around the world who like to keep it simple and accountless. currently supports over 30 cryptocurrencies and is continuing to add more: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Augur, Litecoin, Syscoin, Pivx, Blackcoin, Dash, Decred, Dogecoin, Token, Gamecredits, Peercoin, Aidcoin, 0x, Vertcoin, Basic Attention Token, BLOCKv, Groestlcoin, Essentia, DAI Stablecoin, Power Ledger, Enjincoin, TrueUSD, Cardano, Storj, Monero, Maker, DigiByte and TetherUS.

Stay tuned through our social networks. Keep Flypping.


LocalAgro – Blockchain Based Agricultural Business Platform

We are pleased to present to your attention LocalAgro, an International Agricultural Business Platform designed for local food market participants and equipped with a wide range of communication and search tools that provide a full range of services for business relations.


The platform based on blockchain technologies and designed to simplify business processes and cut out the middlemen between the food producer and consumer.


Food drives the world!
Agriculture is an industry with a total volume of over 8.7 trillion dollars, and it is growing.

If current population growth trends continue, by 2050, the demand for calories will increase by 70 percent, and the demand for crops for human consumption and animal feed will increase by at least 100 percent.

According to leading expert agencies, the agro-industrial complex accounts for more than a quarter of the world’s GDP and its volume is constantly growing. According to the cost of produced food and the volume of investments, the agro-industrial market ranks first among the macroeconomic complexes of most developed countries.

In the next 10 years, the agricultural trade in the world expected to continue to grow steadily. As a result, the impact of the trade on the level and nature of food security will increase in all regions of the World.


Problems and Solutions

Well known that the agriculture producer receives less than 20% of the price paid by the customer. The LocalAgro platform reduces this difference. It designed to help the producer regardless of his location, production volume, political or economic situation as well as the level of development of the banking system in his country. According to our research, the use of our platform will allow the producer to receive up to 80% of revenue from the price paid by consumers.

In addition to directly connecting producers and consumers of agricultural products companies, state-owned enterprises and private individuals offering certain services in the agricultural industry such as leasing, insurance, logistics, banking, escrow, real estate sales, custom duty and fees consulting will be fully-fledged participants in the LocalAgro community.

The financial basis of relations between producer and consumer will be our decentralized cryptographic currency LAC, which will reduce transaction time, lower payment cost, plus secure and enforce fair transaction by using our smart contract and LAC coins.

An important part of our platform will be assisting in implementing programs for delivering agricultural products to regions whose population urgently needs food due to environmental crises.

The LocalAgro platform will help international charity programs lead by charitable fund and philanthropists to supply food to less developed countries.

Using the LocalAgro platform will help to get the entire supply chain from food producers to those regions under control.

Within the framework of the problems with overproduction and losses of food products due to globalization of the market and pressure from the largest manufacturing companies the LocalAgro platform will help market participants significantly expand and diversify their suppliers and thereby significantly reduce losses caused by lack of customers and spoilage of food products after their expiry.

The main feature of the platform will be complete transparency and openness of transactions and payments to their participants at all stages as well as the complete absence of intermediaries and the possibility of influence from global corporations on their conditions.

The LocalAgro platform will become a global international community of food producers and consumers where the principles of business relationships, established rules for conducting transactions, and availability of decentralized payments will create a modern mobile business platform driven by new technology.

A smartphone, tablet, or laptop will turn into a mobile office with a complete toolkit for conducting transactions, finding partners on the local market, in other countries or continents, preparing a contract, providing logistics, insurance, making payments, and controlling deliveries.

The platform will allow you to quickly and accurately make transactions and provide other community members with information about the trustworthiness of participants due to a rating system.

We also expect that domestic cryptographic currency can become a convenient and profitable investment tool due to its potential high investment attractiveness. Constantly growing volumes of the food market and successful experience in the development of the agricultural industry allow us to conclude that it is highly liquid and in demand.


Business scheme in 100 words

The buyer and seller, working in the local agricultural market, decide to make a deal. They fill forms in the LocalAgro system. The system creates a smart contract in accordance with the terms of the transaction. The transaction amount, including shipping and insurance, reserved by the system in LAC. The seller sends products by the partner shipment company. The buyer receives products, evaluates quality and marks the acceptance of goods in personal account. The smart contract executed and the amount in LAC distributed in accordance with the terms of the transaction to the accounts of seller, shipping and insurance companies.



A platform developed by professionals for professionals. Our team thoroughly thought out all the business processes in financing, logistics, storage, insurance, quality control, and quantity of products. Many of these processes will work on blockchain technology for the effectiveness and speed of the advancement of the platform.

Having tested all the similar sites, we concluded that they provide services only of a local nature, hence are not designed for real trading and obtaining results, but are primarily informational.

We offer a comprehensive solution in the field of local food trade and provide necessary services for industry participants.



During the Airdrop, we plan to allocate part of the coins in the total volume of 3,000,000 LAC for the AIRDROP campaign in order to attract the maximum number of potential investors and partners. The terms of the AIRDROP campaign published on the ICO website.



Our mission is to build direct relationships between agro-producers and consumers, using the latest technology.

The LocalAgro platform based on blockchain technologies designed to transform the oldest businesses into smart and digital business models.


LocalAgro – a smart solution for food markets!

Do you want to be a part of it?



Platform Website MVP: ICO Website:

  • Facebook Group:
  • Twitter Channel:
  • Telegram Channel:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube:


WorldMarkets continues with the success of its trading artificial intelligence

Today we live in the information age, and access to information is unlimited. And that produces the paradox of misinformation. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have someone to trust, with access to truthful information and advanced tools for any activity related to the investment. This is the case of with its investment based on trading with AI.

The main point of WorldMarkets

Today, the most interesting feature of WorldMarkets is, without a doubt, its trading system based on artificial intelligence (AI). It started as a gold and silver price monitoring system, and they have evolved it over time until it became a complete system.

With their AI tool they can help their clients to invest without having to spend hundreds of hours searching for the right utility and potentially investible assets.

The process is quite simple, first you have to create an account in WorldMarkets. You should keep in mind that, being a real company with licenses to operate, they have certain limitations by countries (international embargoes to countries like North Korea, for example). Then the deposit is made in the desired currency, admitting a lot of means of payment, which include traditional currencies and the most important digital currencies, of course Bitcoin and some more.

Once we have a balance in our account, we have to configure a couple of options such as the level of risk and the moment our money will begin to be operated by the artificial intelligence (AI) based trading tool. We can stop it at any time and withdraw the profits whenever we want.

Two of the most interesting features of this trading system is that we have operating compound interest from the first moment (the benefits begin to be automatically reinvested as soon as they are collected, so that they generate more benefits on them). The other interesting feature is that WorldMarkets will only charge you commission on benefits, operations that do not yield benefits will have no commission.


Main advantage of trading with AI: its profitability

When you talk about investment, the main characteristic in which potential investors are focused on is, obviously, the profitability that a system or product is capable of producing. And this is one of the great strengths of the system: its long-term profitability.

The AI trader operates with artificial intelligence 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, identifying satisfactory operations or arbitrations between exchanges.

The system began operating in February 2017 and today, when 3 years of system life are reached, we have an average return of 21.77% per month. A very high and very interesting result, since it barely has months “in red”, and the months “in green” weigh much more in the total.

With these figures, results (with compound interest) of + 481% during 2017, + 647% during 2018 and + 718% during 2019 have been consolidated.

The big difference that WorldMarkets offers us with its automated trading system with AI is that the results are audited and verified by external companies, having a monthly report with the operations and results of the corresponding month. This increases customer confidence through transparency. 

Other advantages of trading with AI from WorldMarkets

Security is one of the main concerns of WordMarkets, so the access account is protected with an encryption system, 2FA access and all kinds of modern protections. But, in addition, the trading operation itself is also protected against system failures, since it has implemented scientific and statistical methods to control the risk margins of operations and thus protect the profitability and duration of the entire system.


The other great advantage that WorldMarkets offers us is its generous affiliation system. By which we can act as ambassadors for the company, since they share with us 50% of the commissions generated by a client that we have brought to the platform. Recall that WorldMarkets only charges commission for trading operations that are beneficial to the customer, so it will be with those operations with which we will prosper all the members of the system, thus collaborating with it to be sustainable and profitable over time.


Other services offered

With their long experience in the bullion market, they offer us to buy and sell coins or bullion of the main raw materials and precious metals. In addition to remote investment (without owning the good) and even vault services: a vault or remote safe where your gold bars are stored in exchange for a small commission.

They also allow us to operate in the cryptocurrency market through their associate BitMex.

Finally, and as a sign that they are a very complete portal, they allow us to train in the world of trading at no cost with an interesting video section. Remember: information is power.



If you are looking for an easy and profitable investment intermediation service, WorldMarkets is a very interesting idea. And especially through its flagship product: the profitable investment vehicle based on AI for trading.

Official Links

  • Web: com
  • Contact telephones and offices by country: Contact




Sophia Antipolis (France) and Singapore: The first web TV platform dedicated to sports clubs and athletes opened in October 2018 and has already won over 33,000 users and web TV channels for sports clubs in more than 50 countries, with over 1.5 million visits in the first month of the year alone. The company had already announced, in September 2019, that the channel “Sport in France” launched on the initiative of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), had joined the platform to develop the promotion of all disciplines, all federations and their clubs.

The company is developing its blockchain-based technology by allowing users to share their storage space and bandwidth. The MyTV token will be used to remunerate not only the users and the community in these shares but also to remunerate the users who will share the contents of their clubs on their social networks. Once the MyTV tokens have been earned, users will be able to make donations to their favorite sports clubs or even buy services such as subscriptions to channels or access to exclusive content via token.

With a community of several thousand users and fans, the company is under a private sale of its MyTV tokens which will close the 28th of February and offers discounts. The conditions of sale are available on Participants can register and create their wallet at If the sale of MyTV tokens does not reach the targeted € 8 million  an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) will take place from February 29 to March 27 on the Latoken and Vindax exchanges.

MyTVchain offers a 10% bonus or any MyTV token purchase on its platform using this referral:

Xavier Gesnouin, President of MyTVchain specifies that “the growth of the platform in terms of audience allows us to accelerate its monetization with the launch in a few weeks of a set of services for Sports Clubs and Fans, based on MyTV token which will be listed on exchanges after the IEO. Several media groups have contacted us and wish to join us, we will certainly have the pleasure of making announcements soon. ”

Contacts :   @MyTVchain
News contact :   /MyTVchain
Website :   /MyTVchain Official
IEO website :   @mytvchain




The news has reached us that Billcrypt is reaching the final phase of his ICO, with which he intends to raise funds for an ambitious project that we are going to talk to today.

We are going to try to explain carefully what they offer us, step by step, as to some extent it can be complicated.

What problem existed?

For Billcrypt there is a big problem of disconnection between several sectors that should be working together in the blockchain sector. Partly because we have companies that have detected a need for blockchain-based services, or simply at some point need to implement a trust-based solution. And partly because we have the blockchain service providers, which as the sector matures are larger and have greater capacity to provide different proposals. Even more, if we introduce investors to this equation, we realize that they waste a lot of time and money in investigating all possible investment alternatives due to current situation.

Billcrypt’s value proposition

It is mainly a platform. A complete ecosystem that seeks to unify the three involved in the previous section.

Billcrypto is a platform that interconnects different blockchains making them interoprative with each other. This interconnection works with certain common characteristics.

Companies and start ups are going to have basic packages which let them to create operational blockchains to handle themselves. From this point, they can develop their own products or hire the team of experts with the specific characteristics they need.

Investors in turn will be able to have access to the financing of these projects with certain criteria of transparency and access to information in order to make their decisions.

And this is where, from our point of view, is the true innovation of this project. The interconnection of all the agents involved is done through 2 new concepts mainly: BR (blockchain representative), ViP (Virtual Image Part).

BR: Blockchain Representative

Representatives are the key figure in this ecosystem. In fact, representatives have access to project information, and can prepare their reports or have certain conclusions about the projects.

His job is to prepare reports and advice both companies that have blockchain developments. In addition, above all, regarding potential investors. These investors are going to advice on possible investments, and they will do well, because the possible remuneration depends on it. So they want to do it well because they are putting their reputation at stake. And that is the key, the reputation.

ViP: Virtual Image Part

This is where the reputation key comes from. Each of the BRs will be encoded with a token. We would say that your reputation is quantified and that way you can increase or decrease in value according to your successes and as reliable as they are.

In this way, investors can turn to them when choosing correctly the project in which they invest. They can compare the value of the VIP of the various BRs, and hire the one they deem appropriate, and then evaluate their ability to continue modeling the ViP of that particular BR.

Each BR has a great motivation to do a good job and be valued and also be able to charge more for their work, of course.

Therefore, we have already built the basic mechanism that will make the system works; nobody wins by not fulfilling their obligations.

Their Token and the ICO

The Billcrypt system interconnects blockchains based on Solidity, the programming language of the Ethereum network smart contracts. The BILC native token with the following characteristics will be used for this operation:

  • Name: Billcrypt
  • Symbol: BILC
  • Technology: ERC-20 token
  • Total amount: 152,000,000
  • Partition: up to 8 decimals.

We have two ways to acquire BILC tokens.

They can be acquired during the ITO phase of the project, in which you can send ETH to the platform’s smart contract, and immediately receive the tokens at the address from which the payment was made.

On the other hand, tokens can be obtained by collaborating with the project and with the popular “bounty”. For which we will have to register on the page and access the jobs and tasks they have available.


If you are looking for a place to invest or to make a career as an analyst, this may be your place.

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Shopereum, empowering e-commerce with blockchain technology and AI

Cryptocurrencies have come along with us for longer than we believe, in fact, 11 years have gone by now since Bitcoin was created. During this time, the great challenge of those of us who are passionate this world has always been the same: adoption. And the path of adoption is slower than many of us wish. One thing is clear: the adoption will come from the hand of two great sectors: gamming and online commerce. All the experts agree about this point which removes any doubt on this question. Well, today we bring you the breaking news about online commerce with Shopereum.

What is shopereum?

Shopereum is a company that offers a wide range of potential solutions related to the e-commerce and cryptocurrency framework. Its commitment is based on a clear aim:accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrenciesto empower merchants and buyers throughout the world. Everything running with its own token (xShop) that works on the Ethereumblockchain.

This solution is largely supported by important portals of blockchain project analysis, as evidenced by its 4.2 / 5 ratio in ICObench. One of the great references of the sector.

Fundamental characteristic of Shopereum

Although it offers many different features, we could say that the Shopereum developer team is committed to being an integrating Marketplace of all kinds of techs related to e-commerce. As a result, the buyer can now access to various markets, regardless of his software and with transparency. On the other hand, the seller can also develop their markets without looking for it in thousands of platforms.

As a basic starting point, Shopereum offers us to buy using the main cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, etc.), the native xShop token (which offers 5% discount on your purchases) or fiat money. In consequence, Shopereum accelerates adoption and empower the client and seller, thanks to the transparency of the intermediary.

Joining the pieces

In recent years, the biggestproblem in the e-commerce for cryptocurrencies has always been the same: adoption and online stores are not linked, in other words, where we have online stores developed to accept cryptocurrencies, we have few users and small marketing budgets; and where we have a wide user base (Amazon, AliExpress, etc.) we have no option of payment with cryptocurrencies. So far, all the approaches in this regard are based on wallets and extensions or plugins for browsers that allowed you to pay with cryptocurrencies in some of these popular websites. Nevertheless, they are just stopgap measure, not anultimate solution.

The aim of Shopereum is to go one step further and make all that integration into a single Marketplace within the platform itself.

The business model

Therefore, Shopereum can be defined as theMARKET in capital, integrator of markets or second level Marketplace.

Under the umbrella of Shopereum, the owners of small online stores can easily integrate,thus allowing access to a much larger base of potential customers. In addition, apart from solving some technical problems thanks to receiving Shopereum technology, they can also set their payment platform to receive payments in anycurrency type. It is all the more advantageousas it converts all cryptocurrencies to fiat at the same time the purchase is made, applying the exchange rate in effect at that time.

Buyers have the advantage of having many markets grouped under the same portal and with the possibility of obtaining additional discounts (payment with xShop token) and using their cryptocurrencies to buy. Although we do not forget thatfiat money will also be accepted, considering the strategy of trying to reach the whole world.

In addition, Shopereum tells us that this drop-shipping strategy – which in itself would be a breakthrough on current cryptocurrency e-commerce options – will be complemented and improved with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool which will optimize searches to help us find the best products at the best prices within any of the integrated markets.

The xShop token starts trading

Technologically, Shopereum has developed its platform on the Ethereum blockchain. The operating token of the platform is the xShop token and will allow us to obtain discounts. These are its basic features:

  • Name: Shopereum token v1.0
  • Symbol: xShop
  • Technology: ERC-20 token
  • Total amount: 600,000,000
  • Free-float in circulation: 180,000,000

The developers estimate that the platform is running in August 2020, nevertheless the token starts trading on January 25!

So, xShop tokens can be bought and sold in the Coineal exchange on January 25, and Lukki exchange on February04. However it will not be until March when the tokens can be deposited and removed, when their implementation on the platform has been well tested. This is a very common defensive maneuver in cryptocurrency exchange houses.

To celebrate this launch, we have a trading contest on the Coineal platform itself. A total of 250 xShop will be distributed in a classification that will cover the first 10 of the contest (starting with 100 xShop for the first, 50 xShop for the second, 30 xShop for the third, and 10 xShop for those classified from 4 to 10).


We will have to be very attentive and closely analize the evolution of this project because it promises a great revolution. They have a very ambitious roadmap and a very well defined value proposal.

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XCrypt: An exciting future-proof crypto exchange taking the IEO route

XCrypt, a full-fledged hybrid crypto exchange platform, is gearing up for its highly anticipated token sale on the 24th of May. The platform is aspiring to be at the forefront of the fintech revolution by combining the traditional world of finance with the vast array of innovations made possible by blockchain technology.

The XCrypt platform is currently in its launch phase, which is good news for investors as the native token that powers the exchange ecosystem can still be purchased. For the token sale, the XCrypt team decided to take the Initial Exchange Offering route in collaboration with IDAX. With the platform’s support for cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and securities and its impressive list of strategic partnerships, an integrated debit card and innovative social media trading features, the XCrypt IEO is a token sale to get excited about.

About XCrypt

The XCrypt platform is establishing an end-to-end crypto-asset exchange ecosystem catering to every need of the crypto investor. Given that the exchange industry is highly competitive, any new exchange entering this space has to include features that make it stick out from competition, and XCrypt does just that.

For starters, users of XCrypt enjoy 0% transaction fees for using the platform. The multi-language exchange is developed to operate on any device and has a highly intuitive interface.

Additionally, the platform has ensured legal compliance that goes a few steps further than the majority of existing exchanges and allows for the listing of a large variety of tokens, including securities, security token offerings (STOs) and ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. The STO marketplace is scheduled to be released during the fourth quarter of 2019 and XCrypt will also support a decentralized marketplace for crypto assets, which can be either based on the Ethereum blockchain or other blockchains that allow for assets to be built on top of it.

You can check out a demo of the MVP of the XCrypto exchange platform right here.

Security and compliance

The XCrypt ecosystem is also geared to support both the traditional and digital financial systems by enabling both fiat and crypto transactions, while being fully regulatory compliant. The platform has obtained an official license to support fiat-crypto and vice versa exchanges and to provide virtual currency wallet services, through Estonia services. Due to this license, users of the platform can be assured of both the legal compliance and security of their new cryptocurrency exchange.

Unfortunately, the existing cryptocurrency exchange industry is still haunted by security threats, with exchange hacks occurring on a near-weekly basis. In order to ensure that the XCrypt platform doesn’t run into these problems, it has adopted the highest security standards, which includes the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) and multiple strategic partnerships.

To aid in the security of the exchange platform, XCrypt has partnered up with Stratus Cyber, a company specializing in cybersecurity solution for blockchain projects, and is in the finalizing stages of closing partnerships with Threely Wallet, an innovative solution aiming to simplify cryptocurrency wallets and addresses, Ledger Vault, an established crypto-custody solution for the safekeeping of assets and Legacy Trust, an organization specialized in providing safekeeping, asset servicing and custodial services.

Unique features

The XCrypt ecosystem will also include a debit card, both physical and virtual, that allows for storing and spending the most popular cryptocurrencies. This service is powered by the project’s deal with WirexApp, a company providing cryptocurrency payment solutions through their Wirex Visa card. XCrypt is also aiming to establish a future partnership with WirexApp to expand the debit card utility.

Additionally, XCrypt also introduces the innovative concept of Social Media Trading, which is an advanced investment solution that enables seasoned traders and investors to set up and manage joint funds in which other investors can buy into. SMT has rapidly been gaining popularity in recent years as it allows for elaborate tools for information and skill sharing, allowing more novice investors to select traders of their choosing and profit from the experience of these professionals. For more information on the Social Media Trading feature and the platform as a whole, check out the whitepaper.


As for now, the XCrypt token sale is still in its private stage, however, once the private sale ends on the 24th of May, the token will be publicly for sale in the XCrypt Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on IDAX. During the first phase of the IEO on IDAX, investors will receive a 20% bonus on their token purchase. XCT tokens for sale in the IEO can be bought with Ethereum.

In total, there will be 200 million XCT tokens, of which 120 million (60%) are sold during the token sale. The XCT tokens are the lifeblood of the XCrypt ecosystem and have a myriad of utilities on the platform, including membership payments, participation in XCrypt-based ICOs, payment for debit card fees, payment for the fees of both the centralized and decentralized exchange and eligibility for the airdrop ranking system. The latter is a unique system that lets ICOs that partner with XCrypt airdrop their tokens to the exchange’s users to spread awareness and solicit investors from the community. Details can be found here. At present, XCrypt has already closed multiple listing agreements with projects to list their tokens on the exchange platform, and as a part of the deal these project will participate in airdropping their tokens to the XCrypt community through the airdrop ranking system!

Once the IEO is finalized, the XCrypt project has also secured multiple XCT token listings for  on the following exchange platforms;

  • Bancor
  • com
  • pro
  • Extradecoin
  • com
  • Mycryptobank
  • IDAX
  • Bitforex
  • Digifinex
  • More to come

An IEO to look forward to

Initial Exchange Offering are a brand new concept and XCrypt is leveraging this opportunity to get the most out of its exciting token offering on the 24th of may. The strategically sound partnerships ensure that the XCrypt exchange platform is on top of its game in the different challenges it faces, such as compliance, security and liquidity. The team has ensured that at every stage of the coming months, the platform is prepared and future-proof, with its XCT having already closed multiple post-token sale listing and over a dozen ICO projects preparing to launch on XCrypt. Add to that the 0% transaction fees on the platform, a variety of valuable utilities for the XCT token, a crypto-debit card and Social Media Trading functionalities, and it becomes clear why this IEO is one to look forward to.

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