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Several cryptocurrencies have broken out of their first resistance levels, which suggests that the bulls might be back in the game.

Roughly 42% of the total Bitcoin supply has not moved in the past two years. This shows that the investors are holding on to their Bitcoin as they expect the price to rally further. Lesser quantity of Bitcoin in circulation increases scarcity and with the upcoming halving, the supply is only going to decrease further, which could boost prices.

The creator of the stock-to-flow Bitcoin price model PlanB believes that “Bitcoin will probably go over $100k before Dec 2021.” While PlanB is banking on halving to boost prices, Max Keiser of The Keiser Report, expects the financial markets to tumble due to the coronavirus epidemic. This might result in a global financial crisis, which can carry Bitcoin to “$100,000 and beyond.” 

Daily cryptocurrency market performance. Source: Coin360

While the crypto investors are excited about the future prospects of Bitcoin, the next BOE Governor has cautioned investors against buying it. He said: “If you want to buy Bitcoin, be prepared to lose all your money… [Bitcoin] has no intrinsic value.”

Previously, one of the main complaints of the central banks and the regulators was that Bitcoin was mainly used by darknet markets. However, according to Chainanalysis, in 2019, only 1.1% of the total $1 trillion worth of cryptocurrency transactions went into illicit activities. This shows that the asset class is in healthier hands.


Bitcoin (BTC) has broken out of the tight $8,400-$9,000 range but is facing minor resistance at the 20-day EMA at $9,135. If the bulls can propel the price above the 20-day EMA, a move to $10,000 and above it to $10,500 is possible.

BTC USD daily chart. Source: Tradingview

The 20-day EMA is flattening out and the RSI has risen close to the midpoint, which suggests that the selling pressure is reducing. Therefore, we retain the buy recommendation given in the previous analysis.

Contrary to our assumption, if the BTC/USD pair turns down from the current levels and drops below $8,400, it will be a huge negative. The next major support is at $7,856.76. We anticipate the bulls to defend this support aggressively.


The bulls are attempting to drive Ether (ETH) above the overhead resistance at $235.70. If successful, a move to $277.091, followed by a rally to $288.599 is possible. Therefore, we retain the buy suggested in the previous analysis.

ETH USD daily chart. Source: Tradingview

Contrary to our assumption, if the ETH/USD pair turns down from the current levels or fails to sustain above $235.70, a few days of range-bound action is likely. The flattish 20-day EMA and the RSI close to 50 levels also point to a balance between the buyers and sellers.

The trend will turn in favor of the bears on a break below $209.95. If this level cracks, the next support is at $197.75.


XRP price has broken above the descending triangle but the bulls will face a stiff hurdle at the moving averages at $0.25. Above this level, the next resistance will be the neckline of the head and shoulders pattern at $0.26362.

XRP USD daily chart. Source: Tradingview

If the XRP/USD pair turns down from the overhead resistance levels, it might remain range-bound for a few days.

Conversely, if the bulls can push XRP price above $0.26362, a rally to $0.28550 and above it to $0.31503 is possible. As the pair has been an underperformer, we will wait for the price to sustain above $0.26362 before turning positive.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has broken out of the descending channel. This shows that the failure to sink the price below $306.78 is attracting buyers. However, the bulls might hit a roadblock at the 20-day EMA, which is just below the horizontal resistance at $360.

BCH USD daily chart. Source: Tradingview

If the BCH/USD pair turns down from $360, a few days of range-bound action is likely. The pair will turn negative on a break below $306.78.

Nevertheless, if the bulls can push the price above $360, a rally to $400 and above it to $428.57 is possible. Therefore, the traders can buy on a close (UTC time) above $360 and keep the stop loss at $306. The stops can be trailed higher if the price moves northwards.


Though Bitcoin SV (BSV) broke below the $236 support on March 4, the bears could not capitalize on the move. This shows some buying at lower levels. Currently, the bulls are attempting to push the price above the 20-day EMA.

BSV USD daily chart. Source: Tradingview

If successful, the BSV/USD pair can move up to $337.80 with a minor resistance at $301.43. We expect the bears to defend $337.80 aggressively. If the price turns down from this level, the pair might remain range-bound for a few days.

However, if the pair turns down from the 20-day EMA and plummets below $236 once again, it will signal the presence of sellers at higher levels. A breakdown of $200 support will be a huge negative.


Litecoin (LTC) held the 200-day SMA support on March 4, which has attracted some buying. The bulls will now try to carry the price above the overhead resistance at $66.1486 but we anticipate the bears to mount a stiff resistance at that level.

LTC USD daily chart. Source: Tradingview

If the LTC/USD pair turns down from $66.1486, it might remain range-bound for a few days. On the downside, any break below $56.243 will be a huge negative.

However, if the bulls can propel the pair above $66.1486, a rally to $80.2741 is likely. The traders can buy on a close (UTC time) above $66.1486 with an initial stop loss of $56.


EOS has broken out of the downtrend line, which suggests that buyers are trying to make a comeback. However, it is not going to be an easy ride because the bears will defend the overhead resistance at $4 aggressively.

EOS USD daily chart. Source: Tradingview

If the EOS/USD pair turns down from $4, it might dip to the 200-day SMA at $3.3 and consolidate between the two levels for a few days. A break below the 200-day SMA will be a huge negative.

Conversely, if the bulls can push the price above $4, a move to $4.4124 and above it to $4.8719 is possible. The bulls can initiate long positions on a close (UTC time) above $4 and keep the stops at $3.3.


Binance Coin (BNB) has broken out of the descending channel and also the 20-day EMA, which is a positive sign. However, we expect the bears to mount a stiff resistance at $21.80 and above it at $23.5213.

BNB USD daily chart. Source: Tradingview

If the BNB/USD pair turns down from either overhead resistance levels, it might consolidate for a few days.

A break above $23.5213 can carry the price to $27.1905 and above it to $32. On the other hand, a break down of the recent lows at $17.7051 will be a huge negative. We will wait for a new buy setup to form before proposing a trade in it.


Tezos (XTZ) broke out and closed (UTC time) above the overhead resistance at $3.011 on March 4, which triggered our buy recommendation given in an earlier analysis. The bears attempted to sink the price back below $3.011 on March 5 but the bulls defended the breakout levels.

XTZ USD daily chart. Source: Tradingview

If the bulls can push the price above $3.3367, a move to $3.585 and above it to $3.9499 is possible. The 20-day EMA has started to turn up and the RSI has risen into the positive territory, which suggests that bulls are in command.

The traders can keep the stop loss on the long positions at $2.70. Our bullish view will be invalidated if the bears sink and sustain the XTZ/USD pair below the critical support at $3.011.


The bulls are facing stiff resistance at the psychological level of $5. However, the positive thing is that the buyers are not closing their positions in a hurry. If Chainlink (LINK) consolidates near the lifetime highs, it will increase the possibility of a breakout to new highs.

LINK USD daily chart. Source: Tradingview

If the bulls can thrust the price above $5, the next target to watch out for is $5.6934 and above it $7.3101. The upsloping 20-day EMA and the RSI in the positive territory suggest that bulls have the upper hand.

Nonetheless, if the bears sink the LINK/USD pair below $4.50, a drop to the 20-day EMA at $4.16 is possible. We will wait for a buy setup to form before proposing a trade in it.

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.

Market data is provided by HitBTC exchange.

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LocalAgro – Blockchain Based Agricultural Business Platform

We are pleased to present to your attention LocalAgro, an International Agricultural Business Platform designed for local food market participants and equipped with a wide range of communication and search tools that provide a full range of services for business relations.


The platform based on blockchain technologies and designed to simplify business processes and cut out the middlemen between the food producer and consumer.


Food drives the world!
Agriculture is an industry with a total volume of over 8.7 trillion dollars, and it is growing.

If current population growth trends continue, by 2050, the demand for calories will increase by 70 percent, and the demand for crops for human consumption and animal feed will increase by at least 100 percent.

According to leading expert agencies, the agro-industrial complex accounts for more than a quarter of the world’s GDP and its volume is constantly growing. According to the cost of produced food and the volume of investments, the agro-industrial market ranks first among the macroeconomic complexes of most developed countries.

In the next 10 years, the agricultural trade in the world expected to continue to grow steadily. As a result, the impact of the trade on the level and nature of food security will increase in all regions of the World.


Problems and Solutions

Well known that the agriculture producer receives less than 20% of the price paid by the customer. The LocalAgro platform reduces this difference. It designed to help the producer regardless of his location, production volume, political or economic situation as well as the level of development of the banking system in his country. According to our research, the use of our platform will allow the producer to receive up to 80% of revenue from the price paid by consumers.

In addition to directly connecting producers and consumers of agricultural products companies, state-owned enterprises and private individuals offering certain services in the agricultural industry such as leasing, insurance, logistics, banking, escrow, real estate sales, custom duty and fees consulting will be fully-fledged participants in the LocalAgro community.

The financial basis of relations between producer and consumer will be our decentralized cryptographic currency LAC, which will reduce transaction time, lower payment cost, plus secure and enforce fair transaction by using our smart contract and LAC coins.

An important part of our platform will be assisting in implementing programs for delivering agricultural products to regions whose population urgently needs food due to environmental crises.

The LocalAgro platform will help international charity programs lead by charitable fund and philanthropists to supply food to less developed countries.

Using the LocalAgro platform will help to get the entire supply chain from food producers to those regions under control.

Within the framework of the problems with overproduction and losses of food products due to globalization of the market and pressure from the largest manufacturing companies the LocalAgro platform will help market participants significantly expand and diversify their suppliers and thereby significantly reduce losses caused by lack of customers and spoilage of food products after their expiry.

The main feature of the platform will be complete transparency and openness of transactions and payments to their participants at all stages as well as the complete absence of intermediaries and the possibility of influence from global corporations on their conditions.

The LocalAgro platform will become a global international community of food producers and consumers where the principles of business relationships, established rules for conducting transactions, and availability of decentralized payments will create a modern mobile business platform driven by new technology.

A smartphone, tablet, or laptop will turn into a mobile office with a complete toolkit for conducting transactions, finding partners on the local market, in other countries or continents, preparing a contract, providing logistics, insurance, making payments, and controlling deliveries.

The platform will allow you to quickly and accurately make transactions and provide other community members with information about the trustworthiness of participants due to a rating system.

We also expect that domestic cryptographic currency can become a convenient and profitable investment tool due to its potential high investment attractiveness. Constantly growing volumes of the food market and successful experience in the development of the agricultural industry allow us to conclude that it is highly liquid and in demand.


Business scheme in 100 words

The buyer and seller, working in the local agricultural market, decide to make a deal. They fill forms in the LocalAgro system. The system creates a smart contract in accordance with the terms of the transaction. The transaction amount, including shipping and insurance, reserved by the system in LAC. The seller sends products by the partner shipment company. The buyer receives products, evaluates quality and marks the acceptance of goods in personal account. The smart contract executed and the amount in LAC distributed in accordance with the terms of the transaction to the accounts of seller, shipping and insurance companies.



A platform developed by professionals for professionals. Our team thoroughly thought out all the business processes in financing, logistics, storage, insurance, quality control, and quantity of products. Many of these processes will work on blockchain technology for the effectiveness and speed of the advancement of the platform.

Having tested all the similar sites, we concluded that they provide services only of a local nature, hence are not designed for real trading and obtaining results, but are primarily informational.

We offer a comprehensive solution in the field of local food trade and provide necessary services for industry participants.



During the Airdrop, we plan to allocate part of the coins in the total volume of 3,000,000 LAC for the AIRDROP campaign in order to attract the maximum number of potential investors and partners. The terms of the AIRDROP campaign published on the ICO website.



Our mission is to build direct relationships between agro-producers and consumers, using the latest technology.

The LocalAgro platform based on blockchain technologies designed to transform the oldest businesses into smart and digital business models.


LocalAgro – a smart solution for food markets!

Do you want to be a part of it?



Platform Website MVP: ICO Website:

  • Facebook Group:
  • Twitter Channel:
  • Telegram Channel:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube:


WorldMarkets continues with the success of its trading artificial intelligence

Today we live in the information age, and access to information is unlimited. And that produces the paradox of misinformation. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have someone to trust, with access to truthful information and advanced tools for any activity related to the investment. This is the case of with its investment based on trading with AI.

The main point of WorldMarkets

Today, the most interesting feature of WorldMarkets is, without a doubt, its trading system based on artificial intelligence (AI). It started as a gold and silver price monitoring system, and they have evolved it over time until it became a complete system.

With their AI tool they can help their clients to invest without having to spend hundreds of hours searching for the right utility and potentially investible assets.

The process is quite simple, first you have to create an account in WorldMarkets. You should keep in mind that, being a real company with licenses to operate, they have certain limitations by countries (international embargoes to countries like North Korea, for example). Then the deposit is made in the desired currency, admitting a lot of means of payment, which include traditional currencies and the most important digital currencies, of course Bitcoin and some more.

Once we have a balance in our account, we have to configure a couple of options such as the level of risk and the moment our money will begin to be operated by the artificial intelligence (AI) based trading tool. We can stop it at any time and withdraw the profits whenever we want.

Two of the most interesting features of this trading system is that we have operating compound interest from the first moment (the benefits begin to be automatically reinvested as soon as they are collected, so that they generate more benefits on them). The other interesting feature is that WorldMarkets will only charge you commission on benefits, operations that do not yield benefits will have no commission.


Main advantage of trading with AI: its profitability

When you talk about investment, the main characteristic in which potential investors are focused on is, obviously, the profitability that a system or product is capable of producing. And this is one of the great strengths of the system: its long-term profitability.

The AI trader operates with artificial intelligence 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, identifying satisfactory operations or arbitrations between exchanges.

The system began operating in February 2017 and today, when 3 years of system life are reached, we have an average return of 21.77% per month. A very high and very interesting result, since it barely has months “in red”, and the months “in green” weigh much more in the total.

With these figures, results (with compound interest) of + 481% during 2017, + 647% during 2018 and + 718% during 2019 have been consolidated.

The big difference that WorldMarkets offers us with its automated trading system with AI is that the results are audited and verified by external companies, having a monthly report with the operations and results of the corresponding month. This increases customer confidence through transparency. 

Other advantages of trading with AI from WorldMarkets

Security is one of the main concerns of WordMarkets, so the access account is protected with an encryption system, 2FA access and all kinds of modern protections. But, in addition, the trading operation itself is also protected against system failures, since it has implemented scientific and statistical methods to control the risk margins of operations and thus protect the profitability and duration of the entire system.


The other great advantage that WorldMarkets offers us is its generous affiliation system. By which we can act as ambassadors for the company, since they share with us 50% of the commissions generated by a client that we have brought to the platform. Recall that WorldMarkets only charges commission for trading operations that are beneficial to the customer, so it will be with those operations with which we will prosper all the members of the system, thus collaborating with it to be sustainable and profitable over time.


Other services offered

With their long experience in the bullion market, they offer us to buy and sell coins or bullion of the main raw materials and precious metals. In addition to remote investment (without owning the good) and even vault services: a vault or remote safe where your gold bars are stored in exchange for a small commission.

They also allow us to operate in the cryptocurrency market through their associate BitMex.

Finally, and as a sign that they are a very complete portal, they allow us to train in the world of trading at no cost with an interesting video section. Remember: information is power.



If you are looking for an easy and profitable investment intermediation service, WorldMarkets is a very interesting idea. And especially through its flagship product: the profitable investment vehicle based on AI for trading.

Official Links

  • Web: com
  • Contact telephones and offices by country: Contact